MotoTech is a rapidly growing and strengthening independent motor-related insurance administrator.


Based in Johannesburg, and offering services throughout Southern Africa, with specialist partners in the field, and our dedicated team, MotoTech is committed to ensuring our clients continue to receive the best products and services available.


Our directors take a “hands on” role in the running of the business, ensuring that management is involved throughout every decision made. In this way, we can continue to work on clients’ needs and wants, to ensure that dealing with MotoTech is both simple and efficient.


MotoTech realizes that the community plays an important role in society. We continuously look for ways to better the community that we live in, and are firm supporters of many major charitable causes.

MotoTech’s strength depends on both our clients and our partners. To this end, we sought the best possible partners who embraced the same values as we do.


This process has allowed us to build solid, sound partnerships with companies who both compliment us in our views, and allow us to grow and offer to our clients a better, more inclusive service.


All MotoTech’s clients can be assured that they receive products and services of the highest standards, and that we will work on continually providing the best possible service to our clients.

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